10 Facts About Babesiosis


1.  “Babesiosis” refers to the disease itself; “babesia” refers to the parasites that cause the disease.  Someone who has babesiosis may be said to have a “babesia infection.”  (You’ll save yourself  a big headache by realizing that right now.  Trust me.  Experience again.)

2.  Babesia is thought to be the second most common blood parasite in mammals.  (And the winner in that race? Trypanosomes, which causes sleeping sickness.



10 Facts About “Falling Skies”

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1.  The TNT series premiered on June 19, 2011.  (I was aware of this fact because the subway train I frequently take was covered head to toe – or ceiling to floor, I suppose – with ads for the series.)

2.  The human resistance in the series is known as “the Second Massachusetts.”  (This is a Revolutionary War reference, but even now it still sounds incomplete to me – the second Massachusetts What?)


10 Facts About Woolly Mammoths

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1.  They didn’t really talk like Ray Romano and Queen Latifah, as they do in the Ice Age movies.  (At least, as far as we know.)

2.  Although we know about most prehistoric animals from fossils, the remains of most woolly mammoths are actually in an organic state, which helps us to know a lot about their anatomy.  (The lesson: if you want future genertaions to know more about you, be big and live in really cold places.)


10 Facts About Eric McCormack

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1.  Well known for starring in Will & Grace, McCormack is currently delighting audiences as Dr. Daniel Pierce in TNT’s Perception.  (I wish my boss were as tolerant of my idiosyncracies as Pierce’s is of his!)

2.  He also recently trod the boards as part of the star-studded cast in Broadway’s The Best Man.  Previously, he had starred in a Broadway revival of The Music Man.  Apparently, he only appears on Broadway in shows with “man” in the title.  What’s next?  You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown?


10 (History-Based) Facts About July 26

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1.  The U.S. Post Office was created on July 26, 1775.  (Thank you, Ben Franklin.)

2.  The final Battle of Pliska occured on July 26, 811, after which Bulgarian Khan Krum celebrated victory by making a cup from invading Byzantine Emperor Nicephorus’ skull.  (Makes you wonder what Krum used to make the rest of his place settings.) More

10 Facts About Amelia Earhart


1.  She was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.  (In a plane.  Because for some people you gotta really spell things out.)

2.  She was a big promoter of both women’s abilities and commercial aviation. More

10 Facts About The Flash, The Fastest Man Alive


1.  There are four DC Comics super-heroes who have sped around like crazy under the name “The Flash,” namely Jay Garrick (often called the Golden Age Flash), Barry Allen (the Silver Age Flash), Wally West (who started out as Kid Flash) and Bart Allen (who started out as Impulse and then became Kid Flash before becoming Flash).

2.  But wait, there’s more!  Others have taken the name Flash on a more limited basis, including Jesse Quick (daughter of another super-fast dude, Johnny Quick) and several Barry Allen descendants in various far-flung futures. More

10 Facts About Jellyfish


1.  The “head” of the jellyfish is called the bell.  (Don’t try to ring it, though.  Speakin’ from experience here.) More

10 Facts About ABC’s “Modern Family”


1.  Debuted on September 23, 2009. More

10 Facts About the Emmy Awards

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1.  The first Emmy Awards were presented at the dawn of commerical television, on January 25, 1949.  The very first Emmy (Outstanding Television Personality) was awarded to ventriloquist Shirley Dinsdale (who?). More

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