1.  It opened in 1898, originally as a trolley park (a park area near the end of a trolley line, intended to boost ridership) and was originally called The Park on the Palisades.

2.  It was located on the property line between Cliffside Park, NJ  and Fort Lee, NJ.

3.  It claimed to have the world’s largest outdoor salt water pool, which measured approximately 400  x 600 ft.  Rotating pontoons created one-foot-high waves in the pool.

4.  Although a regional park, kids across the country knew about Palisades Park thanks to its ubiquitous advertisements in comic books.

5.  From 1910 to 1934, the Park was owned by the Schenck Brothers, the famous motion picture producers.  (Well, more than producers, but this post isn’t about them, is it?)

6.  The park  featured one of the famous “Cyclone” roller coasters (as well as a number of other roller coasters through the years).

7.  National Boxing Association World Light Heavyweight champ Gus Lesnevich was an “honor lifeguard” at the Park.

8.  Radio personality “Cousin Brucie” often hosted concerts at the Park in the 1960s.

9.  I never got to go to the Park, as I lived too far away – but it always fascinated me.

10.  The Park closed on September 12, 1971.