1.  His first appearance in the strip was on September 19, 1952.  (Still looks pretty good for an almost-60-year-old.)

2.  The younger brother of Lucy, he was originally a MUCH younger brother – a baby.  (This “baby-ness” was also the case with Schroeder when he was first introduced, and Lucy, though not a baby upon her introduction, seemed to be younger than the other kids in the strip at the time.)

3.  Although one of the things most associated with Linus is his obsessive need for the comfort provided by his security blanket, the intensity of that need clearly ebbs, as he is often (probably most frequently) shown without the beloved blanket.

4.  Linus wore glasses for a short period of time back in the early 1960s.

5.  Apparently, Linus’ failure to be elected class president is due to his insistence on speechifying about his belief in the Great Pumpkin.

6.  Linus is responsible for his baby brother Rerun’s interesting name.

7.  His position on Charlie Brown’s infamous losing baseball team?  Second base.  (He and shortstop Snoopy make a mean double-play combination.)

8.  When Linus first met Sally Brown, he crushed on her, but as the years went on, the “crushing” was reversed.

9.  For some reason with which a Freudian analyst might perhaps have a field day, Linus kept driving his beloved teacher Miss Othmar crazy by forgetting to bring in eggshells for an obscure class project.

10.  “Linus Van Pelt” is also the name of a Charlotte, NC- based folk rock/alt country group who presumably named themselves after the Peanuts character.