1.  The “head” of the jellyfish is called the bell.  (Don’t try to ring it, though.  Speakin’ from experience here.)

2.  Jellyfish are found in oceans all over the world (yes, Dude, even the Arctic), and at all manner of depths.  Adaptable, y’know?

3.  What do you call a group of jellyfish?  Well, “scary” or “annoying”, yes, but the collective term is a “bloom” or a “swarm.”

4.  Jellyfish have no brain.  (Don’t feel bad, jellyfish; the same has on occasion been said of me.)

5.  The venom of the box jellyfish is among the most dangerous in the world; some human victims have gone into shock and drowned or died of heart failure.  (On the “Don’t mess with them scale,” that makes them a “10.”)

6.  Spadefish, sunfish and sea turtles are among the hardy souls that make a meal out of jellyfish.

7.  Just because a jellyfish has washed ashore and is dead doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t sting you.  (Again, speakin’ from experience here, folks!)

8.  Meat tenderizer, sugar and vinegar are all among the substances that have been recommended for treating jellyfish sting.

9.  Contrary to popular belief, human urine is NOT a good treatment for jellyfish sting, as it actually worsens the sting.  (Happy to report I am NOT speakin’ from experience here.  Woo-hoo!)

10.  The giant Nomura’s jellyfish can weigh up to 440 pounds, while the lion’s mane jellyfish has tentacles that can reach 120 feet.  (Personally, that just smacks of showing off to me.)