1.  Well known for starring in Will & Grace, McCormack is currently delighting audiences as Dr. Daniel Pierce in TNT’s Perception.  (I wish my boss were as tolerant of my idiosyncracies as Pierce’s is of his!)

2.  He also recently trod the boards as part of the star-studded cast in Broadway’s The Best Man.  Previously, he had starred in a Broadway revival of The Music Man.  Apparently, he only appears on Broadway in shows with “man” in the title.  What’s next?  You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown?

3.  Born in Toronto, McCormack now holds dual citizenship in both Canada and the United States.

4.  In 2004, he sang both the Canadian and U.S. national anthems at an NHL game.  So, hey, he came out on top no matter which side won.

5.  His birthday is April 18, 1963.

6.  He won an Emmy as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy in 2001 for Will & Grace.  (Irrelevant side note: The only times I’ve actually seen an episode of this TV series is when I’ve been donating blood and it has been on the TV at the donation center.)

7.  McCormack co-wrote a song (“Living with Grace”) with Barry Manilow.  (McCormack also sang the song, which is on the Will & Grace soundtrack album.)

8.  The actor is an honorary board member of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, which awarded him their Spirit of Hope Award in 2006.

9.  McCormack’s heritage includes Cherokee and Scottish ancestors.

10.  In the video for the Barenaked Ladies song “Pinch me,” McCormack can be seen fleetingly as a customer at a burger joint.  Every time my wife has seen that video, she makes a comment about how the customers at our local joint look nothing like the customers at theirs!