1.  The TNT series premiered on June 19, 2011.  (I was aware of this fact because the subway train I frequently take was covered head to toe – or ceiling to floor, I suppose – with ads for the series.)

2.  The human resistance in the series is known as “the Second Massachusetts.”  (This is a Revolutionary War reference, but even now it still sounds incomplete to me – the second Massachusetts What?)

3.  Steven Spielberg is a producer of Falling Skies.  You may have heard of him before.

4.  It was named one of the most exciting new TV series at the 1st Critics’ Choice Television Awards.  And why not?

5.  5094 people had their pictures taken at the Falling Skies “Get Harnessed” booth at the 2012 Comic Con.

6.  Tom is seen carrying A Tale of Two Cities in the pilot episode.  Perhaps the invaders remind him of that creepy lady hanging out by the guillotine?

7.  Moon Bloodgood is a former Laker Girl (cheerleader for the LA Lakers).  So, for that matter, is Paula Abdul.

8.  Noah Wyle’s grandparents started Los Angeles’ Craft and Folk Art Museum, which in 2009 received LA Weekly’s “Best Gift Shop in the Land” award.

9.   Wyle is a spokesperson for the World Wide Fund for Nature and is especially concerned about the plight of the polar bears.  His character, Tom Mason, probably wishes there was a similar fund concerned about the plight of the few remaining humans on Falling Skies.

10.  Creator Robert Rodat wrote the screenplay for Saving Private Ryan.  One hopes Captain Weaver is as successful at saving his crew.