1.  He’s a little bitty dude – smallest planet in our solar system (now that Pluto’s been demoted – boo!)

2.  It’s one of the four terrestrial planets (the others being Venus, Earth and Mars).

3.  Planet with the highest iron content in its core in the solar system?  That’s our Mercury!

4.  It has the most eccentric o0rbit of our eight planets.  (Crazy little guy!)

5.  It’s named, of course, after the Roman messenger  god of thieves, who had those cool winged sandals and (sometimes) a winged hat.  You find a look that works for you…

6.  It tilts on its axis at an absurdly tiny 0.027 degree (more or less – hard to measure something that small that accurately when soemthing is that far away.)  (Insert here any jokes about small objects that you wish.  I’ve heard them all.)

7.  The earliest known observations of Mercury date back to the 14th century BC.  How the hell did they know what they were looking at?

8.  Mercury and Venus will “occultate” (that is, venus will move directly in front of it to our eyes) on December 3, 2133.  Start booking your party rooms now!

9.  In astrology, Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury.  And they love it.

10.  Although for many years it was thought that one side of Mercury always faced the sun and the other was always away from it, it seems that nnow we believe there is some rotation going on – but don’t ask me to be able to tell you more than that!  (You don’t know what they’ll do to me if I do!)