1.  It premiered on the USA cable network on July 7, 2006.  The debut episode was the highest rated scripted basic cable series premiere for 2006.  (I watched it.  Always glad to do my part.  Even if Mr. Nielsen doesn’t even know I’m alive.)

2.  Creator Steven Franks’ band the Friendly Indians plays the series’ theme song, “I Know You Know” – but it has also been re-created in different styles (Christmas, Bollywood, Twin Peaks-esque, doo wop) for particular episodes.  (And it’s not like I haven’t let Mr. Nielsen know about my interest.  Fan letters.  Christmas cards.  A box of chocolates now and then.)

3.  Although set in Santa Barbara, much of the filming is actually done in Canada.  (And what does all that get me from Mr. Nielsen?  A restraining order.  Not even signed by the man himself!)

4.  Gus’ father has been played by two different actors (Ernie Hudson and Keith David).

5.  Gus’ car, the affectionately-named Blueberry, is a 2002 Toyota Echo.  (I sometimes hear echoes.  Okay, more like voices, but you know what I mean…)

6.  Dule Hill (Gus) is an excellent tap dancer, having appeared in The Tap Dance Kid on Broadway and on tour and in Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk on Broadway.  (I’m sure at least SOME Nielsen families also hear voices.)

7.  James Roday (Shawn)’s father is of Mexican descent; his mother is of English, Scotch and Irish descent.

8.  Roday is the co-artistic director of a Los Angeles theatre group called the Red Dog Squadron.  (I’ve been called a dog many times; however, redness is mostly lacking from me.  Except in times of acute embarrassment.  Which are not infrequent.)

9.  People in Lassiter’s “crap list” include Hillary Clinton, Tyne Daly, Carly Simon and the check-out girl at the A&P.  (A certain Nielsen heads my own personal list, but enough about that.)

10.  “I’ve heard it both ways” is a recurring comeback from Shawn, and both Shawn and Gus feel Pluto being demoted from planetary status is messed up.  (The latter, however, has varying degrees of effectiveness as a pick-up line.)