1.  The Daleks are a warlike alien race from the planet Skaro that desire nothing more than to dominate and exterminate others.  (Feel free to insert here a reference to your least favorite ex-lover.)

2.  They first appeared in December, 1963, about a month or so after the Doctor Who series first premiered.

3.  They are arguably the Doctor’s greatest foes, and, again arguably, his most popular.  (I say “arguably,” but if any Daleks are reading this, please know I’m one of your biggest fans!)

4.  Daleks are cyborgs, with a metal shell (made of “dalekanium”) that houses their genetically-modified organic selves; the organic selves are rather squid-like.  (Again, after “squidlike” is an excellent place to reference that nasty ex of yours.)

5.  Although fierce and extremely deadly, their appearance is actually a bit comical, as they look something like bumpy salt shakers with a plunger and a single mixing bowl mixer as “arms.”  (I just looked in the mirror.  Who am I to make fun of their appearance?)

6.  Daleks have had incredibly fervent fans, inspiring “Dalekmania” in the 1960s among British children and resulting in such oddities as the 1964 single, “I’m Gonna Spend My Christmas with a Dalek.”  (If you haven’t heard it, trust me – “oddity” is an understatement!)

7.  The Daleks also are referenced in other songs, including the Clash’s “Remote Control,” which includes the lyric “Repression – gonna be a Dalek.”

8.  In the final episode of the sitcom The Vicar of Dibley, the Vicar is married in a ceremony in which two of the bridesmaids are dressed as Daleks.  (Still sounds better than the outfits at my sister’s wedding, I’m afraid.)

9.  A Dalek’s most vulnerable spot is its eye, which is located at the end of its eye stalk.  (Where else?)

10.  Several stage plays have been built around the Daleks, starting with The Curse of the Daleks in 1965.  (And they say theatre is dying!)