1.  The actor found his most lasting fame playing Superman and Clark Kent in the TV series The Adventures of Superman.  (I saw the show in reruns many years later and all I can say is, I bought it.)

2.  The Adventures of Superman was syndicated in the early days of TV, and so its exact air dates are hard to nail down, but it premiered September 19, 1952 and debuted its last original episode on April 28, 1958, for a total of 104 action-packed episodes.

3.  Reeves was born January 5, 1914 and died of a gunshot wound on June 16, 1959; although ruled a suicide, many believe it may have been murder.

4.  He was born George Brewer, but took on the last  name of Bessolo after he was legally adopted by his stepfather, Frank Bessolo.  (Brewer to Besser to Reeves.  Sounds like a double-play combo.)

5.  He played Stuart Tarleton, one of the Tarleton twins, in Gone With the Wind, although the credits erroneously list his character’s name as “Brent Tarleton.”  (Either way, he didn’t get Scarlett – despite having hair dyed a definite scarlet hue.)

6.  Gone With the Wind was the first movie he filmed, but several other films (including two-reelers)  in which he appeared were released between the time his part in Wind was filmed and when the completed movie was finally released.  (Bet those other films got his characters’ names right at least.)

7.  He attracted considerable attention for his role in the wartime drama So Proudly We Hail (1942).

8.  Don McLean wrote a song, “Superman’s Ghost,” about Reeves.

9.  Actors Alan Ladd and Gig Young were pallbearers at his funeral.  (Don’t know if Ladd wore lifts in his shoes at the funeral.)

10.  Reeves strongly supported actor Robert Shayne, who played Inspector Henderson on the TV series, when questions about possible ties between Shayne and Communism were alleged.  (Quite a heroic act at the time.)

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