1.  In 1897, Thomas Edison received a patent for the kinetographic camera, an ancestor of the motion picture projector.

2.  Henry VI became King of England – at the age of 9 months – in 1422.  (In comparison, my ability to gurgle inanely and lift my head at the age of 9 months seems like small potatoes.)

Don’t let your son marry this woman.

3.  In 1886, 110 people die in an earthquake in Charleston, SC.

4.  The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill premieres in Germany in 1928, creating a sensation.  (Word of advice: never fall in love with an actress whose rendition of “Pirate Jenny” is in any way convincing.)

5.  Roman emperor Caligula was born in 12 AD.  (Far too many people that I knew in college seemed to look to him as an inspiration for their party animal antics.)

6.  Princess Diana died tragically in a car crash in 1997.

7.  The first solar-powered car is demonstrated in Chicago in 1955.  (Still waiting, Detroit, still waiting.)

8.  In 1969, the New Orleans Pops Festival attracts 25,000 people.  (A severe shortage of jambalaya no doubt ensued.)

9.  Ken Griffey Sr & Jr. become the first father-son combo to play on one team in professional baseball in 1990.

10.  Glenn Tilbrook, of the band Squeeze, is born in 1957.  (I’m “Tempted” to make some sort of pun or something here, but will resist.)