1.  His last name, if you don’t know, is Van Houten; his middle name?  Mussolini.  (Parents, remember to THINK before naming your children.)

2.  He learned Italian from his yearly visits to his grandmother in Tuscany; her “forceful” learning methods also started Milhouse on the long road of bed wetting.

3. The little guy famously is crushing on Lisa, although that doesn’t mean there haven’t been other women in his life (Samantha Stanky, Taffy).

4. Milhouse actually was created for a Butterfinger commercial and went from there into the TV show.  (Nestle, you have my thanks.)

5.  The lad is reputed to cry whenever he does long division and has a remainder left over.  (We are SO much alike!)

6.  Among his many allergies are his own tears.  (Which would seem to make remainder-laden division problems a big challenge for him.)

7.  One of Bart’s pranks was to get Milhouse put on the America’s Most Wanted List.   (Ah, but still not most wanted on the list of love!)

8.  Milhouse has been known to get very excited over pogs featuring the 1980s sitcom alien ALF.  (Someone explain pogs to me; I still don’t get ‘em.)

9.  He is capable of having a conversation about which kind of lawn sprinklers are the best.

10.  Renowned singer Robert Goulet once hit him with a microphone.  (Like no one’s ever done that to Goulet!)