1.  Even though everyone knows them as “that dinosaur that flies,” they’re technically NOT considered dinosaurs.  (Just as Pluto is no longer a planet.)  They are, however, still flying reptiles.  (Have to leave them with some dignity, you know.)

2. The first pterodactyl was described in 1784 by  Cosimo Alessandro Collini.  (For which you have our eternal thanks, Signor Collini.)

3.  These babies lived a long time ago, say 150 million – 65 million years ago or thereabouts.

4.  The name means “winged finger.”  (Don’t you love dinosaur names?  Even when talking about non-dinosaurs?)

5.  It’s though that some pterodactyls had a coat of fur.  (I, however, have my love to keep me warm.)

6.  Its wingspan could reach up to 40 feet.

7.  The headquarters of Torchwood in the TV series of the same name houses a pet pterodactyl.

8.  There have been numerous sightings of supposed pterodactyls in modern times, including a 1961 sighting in New York state and a 1976 sighting (by 3 teachers) in Texas.  (No indication of whether sobriety tests were given.)

9.  Meat eaters.

10.  King Kong (in the 1933 film of the same name) makes mincemeat of a pterodactyl on Skull Island.  (I tried to find a recipe for pterodactyl mincemeat pie but had no luck.)