1.  The surreal satirical sketch comedy started on Independent Film Channel on January 21, 2011.

2.  Or maybe it all started in 2005, when Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen started making sketches for the internet.

3.  Kyle MachLachlan has appeared in some episodes as the Mayor of Portland; the real and actual Mayor of Portland (Sam Adams) has also appeared (twice) as MacLachlan’s assistant.  (I love a politician with a sense of humor.)

4.  The title of the series comes from the name given the statue that is above the entrance to the Portland Building.  In Portland, that is.  You know, Oregon.

5.  One of Armisen’s characters described Portland as “the place where young people go to retire.”

6.  The “Blunderbuss” episode included members of bands associated with Portland’s indie music scene, such as The Decemberists, The Shins and Sleater-Kinney.  (Carrie Brownstein was also a member of Sleater-Kinney – and may still be, according to a recent interview.)

7.  In an episode in which the Mayor gets lost, a newspaper headline reads “Dude, Where’s My Mayor?”  (Can I hire this headline writer to create titles for my blog, please?)

8.  Brownstein was listed as one of the 25 most underrated guitarists of all time in a 2006 issue of Rolling Stone.  (Music improv, comedy improv – what can’t she do?)

9.  Armisen plays drums and, in addition to playing for the band Trenchmouth, spent some time as drummer for Blue Man Group in the 1990s.  (Why do I think that within a few years, EVERYONE will have some sort of working connection to Blue Man Group?)

10.  The series is nominated for two 2012 Emmy Awards in the categories of writing and directing.  It won an Emmy for its costumes in 2011.