Taken from Peanutsblog.tumblr.com

1.  Schroeder was introduced, as a baby, in the Peanuts strip of May 30, 1951.  (My, how quickly they grow up – to a point, at least.)

2.  Schroeder lives at 1770 James Street, “1770” being the year of his idol Beethoven’s birth; Schroeder’s birth year is unknown, but his birthday is January 18.

3.  Schroeder was first shown creating wonderful music on a toy piano in the strip of September 24, 1951.

4.  Although Schroeder fairly quickly became identified (and obsessed) with Ludwig von Beethoven, his first foray into music involved Rachmaninoff.  (Rachmaninoff has never forgiven the lad for deserting him.)

5.  Schroeder is the unwanted object of Lucy’s affections and rejects her at every chance he gets; however, in a series of strips in which Lucy moves away, Schroeder is shown missing her and imagining her at his piano, prompting his remark, “Don’t tell me I’ve grown accustomed to THAT face!”

6.  Schroeder’s usual position on Charlie Brown’s constantly-losing baseball team is catcher.  At one point, after he has walked the ball over to Charlie Brown after several pitches and Charlie asks him why he doesn’t just throw it, he responds that if the other side ever saw him throw it to Charlie Brown, they’d know he could never throw it as far as to the bases.

7.  When asked how he can play complicated pieces on a toy piano on which the black keys are merely painted on, he replies, “I practice a lot.”  (Good response, that.)

8.  Epsilon Iota chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a respected music fraternity, made Schroeder an honorary member.

9.  Schroeder has offered to give Charlie Brown some of his old valentines (since CB never receives any of his own).

10.  Schroeder celebrated Beethoven’s birthday 27 times throughout the course of the strip’s 50-year run.  (That’s December 16, BTW, although some scholars contend it was really December 15.)