1.  Kandor was the capital city of Krypton (yes, the whole planet).

What to get the Superman who has everything?

2.  Kandor did not perish when Krypton went Ka-Blooey!  It wasn’t even there when the planet exploded, having already been shrunken by the villainous Brainiac and put in a nifty glass jug, and then spirited away on Brainiac’s spaceship.  (Hence, its designation as the bottle city, see?)  (BTW, this all refers to the original story of Kandor; various Superman reboots have altered it somewhat.)

3.  How many miniaturized people can you fit in a bottle?  Apparently, at least 6 million, as that was Kandor’s population when stolen.  (It presumably grew during the years it was en-bottle-ated.)

4.  The years it was en-bottle-ated?  Hey, that implies it escaped its bottle, which is precisely what it did in 1979, when Superman finally found a way to restore it to its proper size.

5.  Because he was souvenir-mad, Superman kept a replica of the shrunken city in a bottle after the citizens were restored to normal size.  Eventually, teeny tiny aliens from another planet moved in to populate it.  (I don’t make this stuff up.)

6.  Sometimes when Superman and Jimmy Olsen visited Kandor, they assumed the costumed secret identities of Nightwing and Flamebird (respectively), in order to fight crime in the city.  (Yes, there was crime in Kandor.  Probably has to do with all the bottled-up emotions.  Sorry ‘bout that.)

7.  Kandor is mentioned in the song “Brainiac’s Daughter,” by the Dukes of Stratosphear (which was the name under which the group XTC occasionally recorded.)

8.  On The Big Bang Theory, Leonard has  a model of Kandor.  (At least, I assume it’s a model…)

9.  Van-Zee, a cousin of Superman’s, lived in Kandor and occasionally would be enlarged and brought to Earth in order to help Superman (often posing as Superman to help him out of a jam.)  (Van also had a twin, Dik-Zee.  I’ll refrain from ever saying, “And you ain’t just whistling, Dik-Zee.”)

10.  Ever want to see a mole that eats metal (and therefore must be kept in a glass cage)?  Book a trip to Kandor, my friend!