1.  Medusa made her first appearance in Fantastic Four #36, way back in 1965.  (Looks darn good for someone who’s been kicking around for 47 years!)

2.  Named after the figure of Greek myth, Medusa is a Marvel superbeing whose long tresses can be used as a weapon to strike, entangle or overwhelm.  (Wonder what shampoo and conditioner she uses – and how long it takes to wash that hair!)

3.  Medusa belongs to the Inhumans, a race of superpowered beings that have developed on Earth alongside of, but not always known by, humans.

4.  Originally known as Madam Medusa and thought to be a villain; eventually, it was determined that this was more or less due to amnesia caused by a plane crash (as well as perhaps some resentment of the manner in which humankind was affecting the Inhumans) and she became a hero.  (Kinda miss the “Madam” part of her name.)

5.  Medusa has been considered a member of the Fantastic Four at various times throughout its history (as has her sister Crystal).

6.  She is also royalty, as Queen of the Inhumans (and wife of their king, Black Bolt).  (Her hubby’s one of those strong, silent types.)

7.  Although Medusa’s red hair has always been a striking feature, her original (Jack Kirby-designed) costume was a bit on the drab side; later costumes have been more striking.

8.  Like some of the other Inhumans, Medusa has at time sported a face mask, despite the fact that she has no real secret identity to protect.  (Imagine if Queen Elizabeth ran around with a little domino!)

9.  Medusa stands a regal 5’11” and weighs 130 pounds. (I’d think that that 130 pounds is probably exclusive of her hair.)

10.  Her full name?  Why it’s Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon, of course.  (Rolls right off the tongue, don’t it?)