1.  The Riddler’s real name originally was Edward Nigma.  (E. Nigma, get it?)  In more recent reboots, it has been changed to Edward Nashton.  Don’t ask me why.

2.  His shtick, of course, is leaving riddles that are clues to the crimes (or other activities, such as death traps) he is to commit.  He’s also partial to puzzles and wordplay.  (So am I….Hmmmm…..)

3.  Created by Dick Sprang (artist) and Bill Finger (Writer), he first crept onto the scene in Detective Comics #140 in 1948.

4.  The Riddler appeared in 10 episodes of the 1960s Batman TV series, as well as in the movie based on that series, making him one of the TV Batman’s most persistent foes; it was only after these appearances that he became elevated in the pantheon of villains in the comic book.

5.  Anything else you can call him?  The Prince of Puzzlers or the King of Conundrums.  (Actually, you can call him lots of things – but some you better not say to his face.)

6.  For a time, Riddler was cured of his insanity and worked on the side of good.  Didn’t last.

7.  He’s a bit of a fetishist for question marks, often emblazoning them on his costume, using a tricky question-mark shaped cane or shaving his hair into a question marked Mohawk.  (Don’t look for him in any fashion magazines any time soon.)

8. The world’s tallest and fastest stand-up rollercoaster is the Riddler’s Revenge in California.  (Not sure what a rollercoaster has to do with riddle,s but hey…)

9. Actors who have played or voiced the Riddler on TV or films include Frank Gorshin, John Astin, Jim Carrey, John Glover and Robert Englund.

10.  On The Simpsons, Bart once imagined himself as a Batman-like character whose enemy is The Diddler (aka Ned Flanders).