1.  Thursday Next is the unlikely-monikered heroine of a series of novels by British writer Jasper Fforde.  (That double “f” is not a typo – for once.)

2.  The novels are set on an alternate Earth in which time travel is very much possible, cloning has brought back extinct species, Wales is a communist nation, and, most surprising of all, books and literary figures are as popular as movies and movie stars in our world.  As a result, Thursday’s occupation is Literary Detective, working for the government on book-related crimes.  (Dream job with my name on it.)

3.  The novels are also set in an alternate world within the alternate Earth, a “BookWorld” in which figures from books are alive, acting in their own stories when their books are being read and living their own lives in the down time between reads.  (The Harry Potter group must never get a rest.)

4.  In the first Thursday Next book, The Eyre Affair, a despicable villain threatens to cause chaos and social upheaval by altering the texts of beloved books unless his demands are met.  (Thursday defeats him, natch.)

5.  Spoiler!  – Also in the first book, Jane Eyre, which is wildly popular with modern audiences, ends with Jane not marrying Rochester but going to India with her cousin.  Thursday manages to change the ending to the one with which  readers in our world are familiar.  (No offense, Jane, but really that cousin was a bit of a stick.)

6.  Spoiler! – In a later book, Thursday watches a much-needed anger management session for the characters in Wuthering Heights (a book which author Fforde seems to feel is perhaps a bit overrated.)

7.  Spoiler! – Also in later books, Thursday has two children (Friday and Tuesday) but, due to a recurring hallucination implanted in her mind by an enemy, continually believes she has a third (Jenny).  (Hate it when that happens!)

8.   Spoiler! – At one point, Thursday’s husband keeps getting erased from (and added back into) existence, which is rather inconvenient.  (I’m sure we’ve all had a similar experience.)

9.  Miss Havisham from Great Expectations appears in some of the books and surprisingly turns out to be a pretty kick-ass, action-oriented detective.

10.  The most recent volume, The Woman Who Died a Lot, was just released on October 2.  (I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my copy.)