1.  This was the stage musical that inspired (?) the cult classic film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  (Antici….)

2.  It premiered in London at the Royal Court Theatre on June 19, 1973 and played 2,960 performances in its original run.  (…pation!)

3.  It fared less well on Broadway, closing after only 45 performances in 1975 and after 437 in its 2000 revival.  (Well now, really – does it seem like a likely Broadway success?)

4.  In the original stage version, “Sweet Transvestite” came before “Time Warp;” this order was changed for the film.  (A good change, I believe.)

5.  The film version also cuts the song “Super Heroes” (at least in the original U.S. cut of the film) and “Charles Atlas Song” was replaced by “I Can Make You a Man.”

6.  Tim Curry starred in both the original London and original Broadway casts.  (You were expecting him to let someone else wear his fishnets?)

7.  On the other hand, Curry let Knut Husebo head the original Norwegian cast and Mika Honkanen take over for the Finnish cast.  (You can hear a sample of the Norwegian cast at http://blogfiles.wfmu.org/KG/rocky/Norwegian-Rocky-Horror_17_Science_Fiction_(Reprise).mp3)

8.  The original Finnish cast recording features two hidden tracks after “Super Heroes,” an alternate version of “Science Fiction/Double Feature” and then some dialogue (in Finnish) from Frank N Furter.

9.  Among the songs referenced in “Science Fiction/Double Feature” are The Day the Earth Stood Still, Flash Gordon, When Worlds Collide, King Kong, Tarantula, The Day of the Triffids and Night of the Demon.

10.  “Time Warp” was covered by the Kidz Bop Kidz, who changed the lyric “It’s the pelvic thrust” to “It’s the way you shake it.”  (Is that really an improvement?)