1.  It is drawn from tales of the DC Comics character Green Arrow.

2.  Arrow’s creators, Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, have been involved separately on such TV series as Justice League, Fringe, The Simpsons, Eli Stone, The Vampire Diaries, Everwood and No Ordinary Family and the film Green Lantern.  (I acknowledge that I am the only person in America who liked the Green Lantern movie.  Sue me!)

3.  Star Stephen Amell previously played the werewolf Brady on The Vampire Diaries and busboy/male prostitute Jason on Hung.

4.  Based on the first episode, which aired in the U.S. on October 10, 2012, the character’s name will apparently be just Arrow.  (Minimalism is in.)

5.  In this version, billionaire Oliver Queen is a young (25-ish) spoiled rotten playboy who is shipwrecked on a desert island for five years and when rescued emerges a changed man.

6.  The shipwreck killed the young woman Oliver was dallying with (who was, in fact, the sister of his girl friend), but his father and another man survived.  Believing that there were supplies enough for only one person, Oliver’s father killed himself and the other survivor so that his son could live.

7.  Sounds somewhat noble (unless you were the other man, of course), but the elder Queen also confessed that he, along with many others back in their hometown of Starling City, had been responsible for countless dirty and underhanded doings.  (No such thing as clean money, you know.)

8.  Oliver’s (now ex-) girl friend is Laurel Lance, whose full name is revealed at the end of the pilot to be  Dinah Laurel Lance.  In the comics, Dinah Lance was the secret identity of the Black Canary, a crimefighter who was Green Arrow’s girl friend and eventual wife.

9.  Oliver’s best friend is Tommy Merlyn.  In the comics, Merlyn was an expert archer who was an arch rival of Green Arrow; in the recent re-boot of the series, a best friend named Tommy Merlyn was introduced, who so far does not appear to be related to (or an incarnation of) the evil Merlyn.

10.  Willa Holland, who plays Oliver’s younger sister “Speedy,” was the stepdaughter of Brian De Palma.  (I refuse to make any allegedly humorous remark about Brian De Palma, out of fear that he will come after me with an ominous sweeping tracking shot.)