1.  With an equatorial radius of 2,575 kilometers, Titan is the largest of Saturn’s 62 moons.  (Yes, 62 – and there may be more that we just haven’t verified or discovered yet.)

2.  Titan is the only body other than Earth which is known to have stable bodies of surface liquid.  (Gotta love that liquid.)

3.  Water ice and rocky materials, that’s what Titan is mostly made of.

4.  It’s cold on Titan; its surface temperature is about  minus 289 degrees (Farenheit).

5.  Titan appears to have cryovolcanoes, which are thought to emit methane rather than lava.  (When we find a volcano that emits chocolate, call me.)

6.  Like nitrogen?  Titan’s for you, as that makes up 98.4% of its atmosphere.

7.  Atmospheric pressure is about 60% greater at the surface than Earth’s, making it more or less the same pressure you find at the bottom of a swimming pool.

8.  Titan is named after the mythological Titans, giant beings who ruled during the Golden Age.  One of the Titans was Chronus, who in Roman mythology was Saturn.  (See how it all ties together?)

9.  Titan orbits Saturn in a shade under 16 days.  (He could get it down to 15 if we really applied himself.)

10.  Titan has both a significant atmosphere and a cyclical change of seasons.  (Deciding what is fashionable for different seasons on Titan can be challenging.)