1.  The titular comic which featured Millie was mostly a humor comic, although it spent several years in the sixties as a young romance style offering instead.

2.  Although initially drawn by Ruth Atkinson, Dan DeCarlo (known for his work on the Archie series of comics) solidified the Millie the Model “look” during his 10-year run.  (And what a look it was!)

3.  The book was quite popular, running 207 issues over a 28-year span (1945-1973).

4.  The modeling concern for which Millie worked was Hanover Modeling Agency, which also employed her photographer boyfriend, Clicker.  (Didn’t stress themselves too hard coming up with that name, did they?)

5.  She eventually moved up to running her own modeling agency, as revealed in the comic book series Misty, which featured her niece (Misty, of course) as the starring character.

6.  During the book’s 1963-1967 stint as a romance comic, it received an Alley Award for Best Romance Comic.  (The Alley Award, BTW, was named after comic strip caveman Alley Oop.  There – an extra fact thrown in for free!)

7.  Millie’s “red-headed rival” was another model, named Chili.  (You knew she was not as nice as Millie because she had a beauty mark on her face.  And red hair, of course.)

8.  Millie was also known as “The Blonde Bombshell” (and why not?)

9.  Her full name is Millicent Collins.  (No relation to Barnabas Collins of Dark Shadows…at least, as far as we KNOW…)

10.  Millie was born in Sleepy Gap, Kansas, quite possibly the only Marvel Universe character who can make that claim.