1.  Yogurt is produced by the bacterial fermentation of milk, which is sounds kind of gross.  Fortunately, it tastes better than it sounds.  (This recipe for lasagna primavera uses yogurt in place of ricotta cheese.)

2.  Sure, most of us are familiar with yogurt from cow’s milk, but it can be (and has been) made from the milk of goats, sheep, horses, camels, water buffaloes, and yaks.  (Hey, cow is exotic enough for me, thanks.) (Here’s a recipe for stuffed zucchini and yogurt suace. )

3.  Even though bacteria is used in producing yogurt, just any old bacteria won’t do; the milk is first heated to kill any yucky, unwanted bacteria, and then the specific yogurt-creating bacteria is added.  (Yogurt-based lemon parfait?  Right here. )

4.  Lactose problems?  There is a soy version of yogurt available (although yogurt is already generally better tolerated by those with lactose issues than is milk.)  (Try this baked artichoke dip, using yogurt.)

5.  Because yogurt is naturally sour, it’s usually sweetened by adding sugar, artificial sweetener or fruit.  (I add plenty of sugar to myself in order to counteract my natural sourness, but it doesn’t seem to work.)  (Looking for something different?  Tri this recipe for sikarni, a spiced sweet yogurt-pistachio dessert.)

6.  Yogurt is chock full of calcium, protein, riboflavin and vitamins B6 and B12.  (How come vitamin B gets so many variants?  Where’s the equality in that?) (Make a yummy Tzaziki with this recipe.)

7.  Some studies indicate that yogurt is helpful in combating diarrhea that may develop as a result of antibiotic use.  (Here’s an eggplant with yogurt recipe.)

8.  The lactobacteria in yogurt help to keep your colon healthy.  (Maple cinnamon frozen yogurt sound good?  Make one with this recipe. )

9.  Got yeast infections?  (Sorry for the personal question.)  Yogurt is thought to help fight those suckers as well.  (Make a delicious lemon yogurt bread with this.)

10.  Yogurt is also thought to help fortify your immune system.  (A whole wheat and molasses bread using yogurt is here.)