1.  The NBC series was  created by Eric Kripke, who earlier created Supernatural.

2.  It’s a dystopian science fiction series, set 15 years in the future, in which electronic technology is no longer feasible. (Actually, it’s said by one character that physics has “gone insane.”)

3.  The former continental United States has been divided into five new countries, which seem to basically be ruled by militias. (My brother and I often divided our room into separate countries.  I hope that the Revolution goons have better luck with that than I did.)

4.  Billy Burke, who plays Miles Matheson, former Monroe Republic co-founder, is best known for playing Charlie Swan, father of Bella, in the Twilight movies.

5.  Giancarlo Esposito, playing Monroe Militia’s Captain/Major Tom Neville, made his Broadway debut at age 8 in the musical Maggie Flynn, which starred Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy.

6.    Pendants are very big on Revolution.  For a reason.

7.   Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Rachel Matheson, previously portrayed Linda McCartney in the CBS movie The Linda McCartney Story.

8.  You don’t really want to be a city person in this post-apocalyptic world.  Trust me.

9.  The question of what happened to all the nuclear power plants – did they meltdown or was there a mechanism in place to properly shut them down – has not yet been answered.  I’m betting that it may not get answered.

10.  J.D. Pardo, who plays Lt. Jason Neville, would like to guest star on an episode of Glee.  I’ll buy that.