1.  The singer-songwriter was born October 18, 1947 in (of course) the Bronx.

2.  Her real name was Laura Nigro and her father, Louis Nigro, was a jazz trumpeter.

3.  Her first big song sale was “And When I Die,” to Peter, Paul & Mary, although Blood, Sweat & Tears had the bigger pop hit with it.  (In any version, it’s a whale of a song.)

4.  Nyro was involved briefly with Jackson Browne, and married for three years to another man, but her longest relationship was with Maria Desiderio, a painter.

5.  Todd Rundgren, who lists Nyro as an influence, wrote “Baby Let’s Swing” off his Runt album, about her.  (More people should write songs inspired by her.  Just sayin’.)

6.  Janis Ian, who attended school with Nyro and admired her, once described her as resembling Morticia Addams.  (That’s not a dig.)

7.  The Fifth Dimension had hits with several of her songs, including “Sweet Blindness,” “Stoned Soul Picnic,” “Save the Country”  and “Wedding Bell Blues.”

8.  Nyro was especially fond of Van Morrison’s songs.  (I can see that.)

9.  An off-Broadway musical featuring Nyro’s songs and called Eli’s Comin’ was produced in 2001.

10.  She died of cancer in 1997, at the age of 49 (the same age at which her mother had also died of cancer).