1.  The original Broadway production had its opening on November 20, 1966.  (Happy anniversary, y’know.)

Jill Haworth as Sally in the original Broadway production of “Cabaret”

2.  The original Broadway production ran an impressive 1,165 performances, but the 1998 revival ran an even-more-impressive 2,377.

3.  Judi Dench starred as Sally in the original London production in 1968.

4.  The musical brought fame to the songwriting team of John Kander (music) and Fred Ebb (lyrics).

5.  The multi-Oscar-winning movie makes several changes to the play; in addition to adding and dropping songs, the secondary love plot of the original is replaced with a different secondary plot, a male character is added whose role emphasizes the bisexuality of the leading male character, and the nationalities of Sally and Cliff are switched.  (When ABC aired the movie for the first time, it cut out the revelation of Cliff’s affair with another man, which basically made hash of the end of the film.)

6.  Jill Haworth, who played Sally in the original production, was for a time a lover of  (and later a long-time friend of) actor Sal Mineo.

7.  Future game show host Bert Convy portrayed Cliff in the original Broadway production.

8.  Although Harold Prince had already had a notable career as a producer, Cabaret was the first financially successful production which he directed.  (Some people just gotta show off.)

9.  In the 1987 Broadway revival, the role of Herr Schultz was played by Werner Klemperer, better known to TV fans as colonel Klink of Hogan’s Heroes (and to classical music fans as the son of conductor Otto Klemperer.)

10.  Joe Masteroff, who wrote the book for Cabaret, also provided the book for the lovely Broadway musical She Loves Me! as well as the libretto for an opera adaptation of Desire Under the Elms.