1.  The costumed crime fighter first appeared in Flash Comics #86 (August, 1947).  Like most other Golden Age DC Comics super-heroes, she was eventually shown to be a resident of the parallel Earth known as Earth-2.  (If you’re saying “What the heck is Earth-2 – welcome to the wild and wacky world of DC Comics!)

2.  Raven-haired florist Dinah Drake was the alter ego of the original blond wig-sporting Black Canary.  (Because blonds have more fun?)

3.  Eventually, Dinah married her boyfriend, detective Larry Lance.

4.  In a 1969 storyline, Larry Lance was killed and to get over her grief, Black Canary moved to Earth-1.  This somehow gave her a superpower, her “canary cry,” a sonic whistle that could temporarily disable her enemies.

5.  On Earth-1, Black Canary eventually hooked up with Green Arrow.  But after DC history was “ret-conned” (one of its many times), it turned out that the Black Canary who falls in love with Green Arrow was actually Dinah Laurel Lance, the daughter of the original Black Canary and Larry Lance.  (Every long-running DC superhero has a complicated backstory.)

6.  Black Canary really knows how to rock a pair of fishnets and pirate boots.

7.  Judo?  No one uses it better than BC.

8.  On the cartoon series Young Justice, Black Canary is the combat trainer for the group of young superheroes.  (And she can give Superboy a run for his money.)

9.  Robert Kanigher, the writer who co-created Black Canary, won the New York Times Collegiate Short Story Contest in 1932.  (A distinction probably shared by few comic book writers.)

10.  Canary and Arrow eventually tied the knot – though not without complications (such as finding out that she had actually married a shapeshifter who was impersonating Arrow and then tried to kill her on their honeymoon.  You know, the usual stuff.)