1.  It was written – or almost written – by Charles Dickens.  (The book was left uncompleted at the time of Dickens’ death.)

2.  Because it was unfinished, it’s not known who killed the title character – or, indeed, even if the title character has been killed or has merely disappeared.  (Whatever the case, he’s actually a pretty annoying guy.)

3.  Originally serialized, six of the projected twelve parts were finished and published before Dickens’ demise.  So who knows what he had planned to happen?

4.  Speaking of Who:  In a 2005 episode of Doctor Who which features Dickens, it is suggested that Dickens is planning on involving supernatural alien beings into the book, based on his experiences with the Doctor.

5. The Dickens Fellowship in 1914 staged a trial of John Jasper, the character who is often seen as most likely to have murdered Drood.  Author G.K. Chesterton served as the judge while George Bernard Shaw played the wisecracking jury foreman.  The final verdict?  Jasper was found guilty of manslaughter.

6.  In 1985, Rupert Holmes wrote the book, music and lyrics for a musical version which won the Tony as Best musical of the year and ran 608 performances.  A revival of the musical is currently playing on Broadway.  For the musical, the audience votes to determine the outcome of the story.

7.  Some believe that the character of Helena Landless may be based on an actress, Ellen Lawless Ternan, who was Dickens’ mistress.  (She even rated an entire play about her in 2007.)

8.  Cloisterham, the setting for the novel, is a stand-in for the real town of Rochester.  (Now really, was a stand-in necessary?)

9.  The novel has been filmed at least four times, most recently in 1993.

10.  The British TV series Jonathan Creek featured a fictional band named Edwin Drood.