1.  There are a lot of them in comics involving Superman: his girl friend Lois Lane; Lois’s sister, Lucy Lane; his high school sweetheart Lana Lang; his college romance Lori Lemaris; his Kryptonian affair, Lyla Lerrol; his cousin Supergirl’s secret identity, Linda Lee; his Kryptonian mother’s maiden name, Lara Lor-Van; and that’s only scratching the surface. LL3

2.  The tabloids would be much quieter without Lindsay Lohan.

3.  Lucy Liu lights up the current CBS series Elementary.

4.  Sissy Spacek might be Oscar-less were it not for country legend Loretta Lynn.

5.  In 2009, Liam Neeson escorted actress Laura Linney down the aisle to present her to Marc Schauer.

6.  In her guest appearance on The Simpsons, Lucy Lawless revealed a hitherto-unsuspected ability to fly.

7.  Lisa Lampanelli is a former journalist turned stand-up comic.

8.  J.K. Rowling may have picked someone else for Neville Longbottom’s partner, but the final Harry Potter film seems to have picked Luna Lovegood.

9.  Author Lois Lowry hasn’t been afraid to tackle racism, the Holocaust, fatal illnesses and other subjects in her children’s books.

10.  Lotte Lenye put her mark on the work of husband Kurt Weill through her definitive interpretations (and possibly inspired Lene Lovich in her choice of a stage name).