Missed That Deadline!

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When last I posted, I was going to be away “for a few days.”  Well, it’s been more than a few – and I still odn’t have time for more than a quick post to say “Sorry!  My life has become horribly busy.  I hope to get back to posting some day!”


Away for a Few Days


Hopefully back on December 11!



Sorry posts have been so catch-as-can lately; I’m afraid I’m still trying to get back on schedule after Hurricane Sandy.  Hope to be back to a more regular schedule soon.

3 Facts About My Computer


1.  It didn’t work for a week.  (Auuugh!)

2.  It is working now.

3.  I will therefore soon be using it to put up a new post.  (Whew!)

Here goes…

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Yep, a blogger newbie.  Virgin territory.  This is a “get my feet wet” blog, so at this point I don’t even know what I’ll be blogging about.  I’d like to find one theme or focus and stick to it – but what will that be?  At this point, I don’t know.

The fun is in the finding out.