10 Facts About “Summer and Smoke” by Tennessee Williams

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Geraldine Page backstage during the off-Broadway run of “Summer and Smoke”

1.  The play was originally produced on Broadway in 1948, where it had a disappointing run of 102 performances.  (Hey, that’s 102 more performances than anything I’ve ever written!)

2.  The play was more successful in a 1952 off-Broadway production which ran more than 350 performances; this production is often credited with starting the modern off-Broadway movement.  (For which I say, “Thank you very much.”) More


10 Facts About the Musical “Cabaret”


1.  The original Broadway production had its opening on November 20, 1966.  (Happy anniversary, y’know.)

Jill Haworth as Sally in the original Broadway production of “Cabaret”

2.  The original Broadway production ran an impressive 1,165 performances, but the 1998 revival ran an even-more-impressive 2,377. More

10 Facts About “The Rocky Horror Show”


1.  This was the stage musical that inspired (?) the cult classic film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  (Antici….)

2.  It premiered in London at the Royal Court Theatre on June 19, 1973 and played 2,960 performances in its original run.  (…pation!) More