10 Facts About Women with the Initials “L.L.”


1.  There are a lot of them in comics involving Superman: his girl friend Lois Lane; Lois’s sister, Lucy Lane; his high school sweetheart Lana Lang; his college romance Lori Lemaris; his Kryptonian affair, Lyla Lerrol; his cousin Supergirl’s secret identity, Linda Lee; his Kryptonian mother’s maiden name, Lara Lor-Van; and that’s only scratching the surface. LL3

2.  The tabloids would be much quieter without Lindsay Lohan. More


10 Facts About Madame Fatal

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1.  Madame Fatal holds the distinction of being the first male cross-dressing hero in comics.  (Mainstream comics, at least.) crack1

2.  She first appeared in Quality Comics’ Crack Comics #1 (May, 1940). More

10 Facts About Tarantulas


1.  Tarantula refers to any of a number of members of the Theraphosidae  family of spiders.

2.  They’re usually big and hairy and scary-looking. More

10 Facts About DC Comics’ Black Canary


1.  The costumed crime fighter first appeared in Flash Comics #86 (August, 1947).  Like most other Golden Age DC Comics super-heroes, she was eventually shown to be a resident of the parallel Earth known as Earth-2.  (If you’re saying “What the heck is Earth-2 – welcome to the wild and wacky world of DC Comics!)

2.  Raven-haired florist Dinah Drake was the alter ego of the original blond wig-sporting Black Canary.  (Because blonds have more fun?) More

10 Facts About CW’s “Arrow”


1.  It is drawn from tales of the DC Comics character Green Arrow.

2.  Arrow’s creators, Andrew Kreisberg, Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, have been involved separately on such TV series as Justice League, Fringe, The Simpsons, Eli Stone, The Vampire Diaries, Everwood and No Ordinary Family and the film Green Lantern.  (I acknowledge that I am the only person in America who liked the Green Lantern movie.  Sue me!) More

10 Facts About Batman’s Foe, The Riddler


1.  The Riddler’s real name originally was Edward Nigma.  (E. Nigma, get it?)  In more recent reboots, it has been changed to Edward Nashton.  Don’t ask me why.

2.  His shtick, of course, is leaving riddles that are clues to the crimes (or other activities, such as death traps) he is to commit.  He’s also partial to puzzles and wordplay.  (So am I….Hmmmm…..)


10 Facts About Superman’s Bottle City of Kandor


1.  Kandor was the capital city of Krypton (yes, the whole planet).

What to get the Superman who has everything?

2.  Kandor did not perish when Krypton went Ka-Blooey!  It wasn’t even there when the planet exploded, having already been shrunken by the villainous Brainiac and put in a nifty glass jug, and then spirited away on Brainiac’s spaceship.  (Hence, its designation as the bottle city, see?)  (BTW, this all refers to the original story of Kandor; various Superman reboots have altered it somewhat.)


10 Facts About DC Comics’ Cain and Abel (of “The Sandman”)


1.  They started out in the 1960’s as the hosts of two DC Comics horror anthology titles, House of Mystery (Cain) and House of Secrets (Abel).  They also appeared in other DC horror titles, such as Plop! and Secrets of Haunted House

2.  Cain’s physical appearance was original modeled on Len Wein, a noted writer of comic books who was just getting started at the time.  (Tres chic goatee, Len!)


10 Facts About The Flash, The Fastest Man Alive


1.  There are four DC Comics super-heroes who have sped around like crazy under the name “The Flash,” namely Jay Garrick (often called the Golden Age Flash), Barry Allen (the Silver Age Flash), Wally West (who started out as Kid Flash) and Bart Allen (who started out as Impulse and then became Kid Flash before becoming Flash).

2.  But wait, there’s more!  Others have taken the name Flash on a more limited basis, including Jesse Quick (daughter of another super-fast dude, Johnny Quick) and several Barry Allen descendants in various far-flung futures. More