10 Facts About Women with the Initials “L.L.”


1.  There are a lot of them in comics involving Superman: his girl friend Lois Lane; Lois’s sister, Lucy Lane; his high school sweetheart Lana Lang; his college romance Lori Lemaris; his Kryptonian affair, Lyla Lerrol; his cousin Supergirl’s secret identity, Linda Lee; his Kryptonian mother’s maiden name, Lara Lor-Van; and that’s only scratching the surface. LL3

2.  The tabloids would be much quieter without Lindsay Lohan. More


10 Facts About Superman’s Bottle City of Kandor


1.  Kandor was the capital city of Krypton (yes, the whole planet).

What to get the Superman who has everything?

2.  Kandor did not perish when Krypton went Ka-Blooey!  It wasn’t even there when the planet exploded, having already been shrunken by the villainous Brainiac and put in a nifty glass jug, and then spirited away on Brainiac’s spaceship.  (Hence, its designation as the bottle city, see?)  (BTW, this all refers to the original story of Kandor; various Superman reboots have altered it somewhat.)