1.  October 28, 2011 is when “once upon a time” started for Grimm.

2.  Co-creator Stephen Carpenter has written screenplays for the Ocean’s 11 remake and The Man, among others.  And he’s written a couple of mystery novels, too.  (Ah, but how many “10 Facts” lists has he written?)

3.  One of the co-executive producers is Sean Hayes, the Emmy Award-winning “Jack” from Will & Grace.  (Well, Jack had many jobs, so I suppose Mr. Hayes is welcome to multiple careers as well.)

4.  The fairytale-inspired creatures in Grimm are collectively known as the Wesen.  (For old Florence Henderson fans out there – are those fairytale characters with special charisma referred to as having “Wesenality?”)

5.  A “Grimm” is someone who is expected to be a buffer between denizens of the “real” world  and those of  the “fairytale” world and keep order between the two.  Many of you may have found yourselves in this position when visiting in-laws for the holidays.

6.  David Giuntoli, who stars as the title character (more colloquially known as “Nick”)  was part of MTV’s Road Rules: South Pacific reality show.  Since most reality shows are as much fantasy as they are reality, that seems like good training for a show that regularly brings fantasy and reality together on purpose.

7.  The title might make one think that the characters and stories would all be based on tales from the Brothers Grimm, but in fact they come from both the Grimms and other sources of myth, fable and legend.  (Much like my resume.)

8.  The series is set in Portland, Oregon.  Woods.  Mountains.  Atmosphere.

9.  Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio plays the woman in black who turns out to be Nick’s mother.  (Lucky guy.)

10.  Rosalee is a fuchsbau, a Wesen who is part fox (or perhaps like a  were-fox).  She can pull it off.