1.  The Big Bang Theory’s neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler is played by Mayim Bialak, who is herself a neuroscientist.  (Sometimes casting is easy, right?)

2.  Dr. Fowler is paired in a relationship with Dr. Sheldon Cooper on the show, although Cooper has been loath to acknowledge her as his “girl friend.”  (Of course, Sheldon is loath to acknowledge many things.)

3.   Amy first appeared in the last episode of season 3, “The Lunar Excitation,” when Howard and Raj went on an online dating service and pretended to be Sheldon.  (Old set up, but it worked!)

4.  Sheldon has continued to partner with Amy despite the fact that she considers Star Trek to be “cheap science fiction.”  (That’s true love, no matter what Sheldon may say.)

5.  Amy has displayed an uncanny (or perhaps merely ultra-scientific) ability to manipulate Sheldon through use of rewards he cannot resist, resulting in situations where Sheldon does what she wants even as he realizes he is being manipulated.

6.  Amy insinuated herself into Penny’s life, declaring Penny her best friend (or “bestie”) despite the fact that they barely knew each other; fortunately, Penny has come to really like her in turn.

7.  Amy’s mother signed her yearbook “Dear Amy, Self-respect and a hymen are better than friends and fun.”  (Like that’s so unusual!)

8.  When Amy tells Leonard she often has been told that she overstays her welcome, she adds “Most recently by my gynecologist.”

9.  In school, Amy once had very hair knuckles because some bullies had laced her hand lotion with Rogaine.  (Ewww.)

10.  Sheldon was able to make things up with Amy after a fight by giving her a tiara, causing her to become enormously excited and proclaim that she was now a princess.  (And I would be the last to disagree with her.)